Agriturismo Marcarini

A really warm welcome

Our Philosofy

A farmhouse out of time – We’re not a simple agriturismo, but a true silent and bucolic heaven of peace with a fascinating location for those who are looking for some relax. We are…Choose us and we’ll share our values with you.

Take your time and give yourself some space. Surrounded by nature. Simply being.

Authenticity – You’ll find authenticity in everything we offer and we do since we live it everyday with our heart.

Love and respect for nature in every gestures – Living in harmony and respect for nature is something that we truly believe in.

From the selection of cleaning products from the ORPC company,choosing all KM0 ingredients,to our photovoltaic system which has been producing the vast majority of our electricity for more than 12 years,our sulphuric water source and our Soul’s garden realized with the golden ratio and Feng shui principles.

Our priority is the harmonic relationship between man and nature.


The farmhouse was originally Vittorio Doglio’s private residence,sergeant for the Savoian family in the second half of the 19th century. it’s low and sturdy construction gave it the surname of “The Sargentin”(the little sergeant)that,traditionally,became the name with which the La Morra inhabitants still call the Agriturismo Marcarini.

Vittorio Doglio was capable of enhancing the value of this residence by renting ,since the 20th century,its classy rooms to all of those who went through the healing “cures” of Dolcetto and sulphuric waters.

In 1995,charmed by the beauty of the area and of the old farmhouse,we decided to buy the property,beginning the reconstruction works and and taking it back to the old splendours.

Giardino dell’anima

The “Soul’s garden” is Lorenzo Bar’concept regarding the Eastern philosophy of creating a place of harmony and absolute peace following the principles of the golden ratio,the number through which nature designs reality.

The architectural space is shaped by nature and not by human will,simulating a hug.In this way nature comes to meet you and gather you in its embrace

Everything around us is alive and active as the garden is.It’s changing with time and seasons

In every part of the year it has its own intimate beauty.

sulphuric waters

What’s sulphuric waters? They are medicinal waters with a total content of at least 1 mg/l of sulfur.

Sulphorous water effects. The human body is made of 0,25% of sulfur,which is one the main three important proteic components for our metabolism functions and for our articolations.

Benefits. The sulphuric waters benefits  for our organism are many and they all derive from this essential components.It has a anti-inflammatory function,reinforcing the immune system,stimulating digestion and the purification of liver and kidneys.It has a strong antioxidant effect and that’s why it’s often used in cosmetology.

How to use sulphuric water?

It’s used as a bath with sulfur.During the bath,the ingredients of the sulfuric waters are absorbed  through the skin and the mucous membrane,getting through the circulating system and corneum layers of the skin,up to you nails and hair.In addition you can also make some cures by drinking it.

Adults Only

During your holidays the only thought you have is taking care of yourself,with your personal time and space

Our staff

Chiara marchetti and the Marcarini team.

We are waiting for you to customize your holiday with you.

Charging station for electric cars

We are very pleased to offer our guests the convenience of recharging your electric car directly in the hotel.

Thanks to the qrcode you can connect to the column in total autonomy through the application Wallbox, and connect with your cable Type 2